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I teach business leaders how to win trust through empathy-based listening

Inspirational Speaker, Consultant, Sales & Negotiation Training

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Bring your business into the world of empathetic listening. Eric's stories and frameworks infuse your organization with sales and team-building tactics that guarantee to increase close rates and client retention.



With Eric's help, you learn how to listen at a higher level. So you can gain the trust that your clients need to have in you.


Negotiating Consulting /
Dispute Resolution

Eric helps you see the actual value of your assets and teaches you how to communicate effectively. So you leave no money on the table.

Thousands of lives changed forever

Banking • Insurance • Wealth Management • Financial Services • Not for Profit • Medical • Professional Services

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“Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.”

Eric Maddox is an American public speaker, author and former special operations soldier. He was member of a Delta Force Special Operations team in Tikrit that was part of the Joint Special Operations Command responsible for tracking down the most wanted men in Iraq.


During his six month tour with this Delta Force team, Eric conducted over 300 interrogations and collected intelligence which directly led to the capture of Saddam Hussein.


“We had a fantastic event last night. I have been getting emails all day about how everyone enjoyed the discussions, venue, and presentations. Eric was a big hit – and he did a great job presenting. He actually ended up staying until after 9PM talking with our folks and signing books. That was much appreciated! ”

Bill Ball

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Mission: Black List #1

Everyone has seen the footage: a heavily bearded Saddam Hussein blinking under the bright lights of infantry cameras, dazed to find himself in U.S. Army custody. Yet while the breaking news was broadcast around the world, the story of the remarkable events leading up to that moment on December 13, 2003, has never before been fully told. Mission: Black List #1 offers the complete, behind-the-scenes account of the search for Saddam Hussein, as related by the Army interrogator whose individual courage and sheer determination made the capture possible.

In July of 2003, Staff Sergeant Eric Maddox was deployed to Baghdad alongside intelligence analysts and fellow interrogators. Their assignment was clear: gather actionable intelligence—leads that could be used to launch raids on High Value Targets within the insurgency. But, as Maddox recounts, hunting for the hidden links in the terrorist network would require bold and untested tactics, and the ability to never lose sight of the target, often hiding in plain sight.

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